Arduino Workshop

How to Learn

Our workshops to learn Arduino microcontrollers are online in wiki format and can be found here. We use GitHub to host our workshop material.

Arduino Borrowing

You can borrow an Arduino from Makers so you don’t have to buy your own one to do the workshops!

Email to schedule a time you want to come to the IEEE Lounge to pickup an Arduino. When you email us, put “Arduino Workshop” in the subject line.

The Lounge is at Cullen College of Engineering Building 1, Room N367!

Borrowing Requirements

  • UH IEEE Membership
  • No dues outstanding
  • Cougar ID card

The Arduino must be returned the first day of the next month. When you return it, you can choose to check it out again that same day.

About Arduino

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board micro controllers and micro controller kits for building digital devices. People can choose to buy the board on their website or buy an arduino compatible board offered by several manufacturers on the market. Arduino does not mind sharing or open sourcing their hardware design files to manufacturers so they can make their own arduino compatible boards. Arduino believes this will lead to more arduino-compatible hardware on the market and importantly more projects using the hardware to solve problems.

A micro controller is chip that contains three things:

The input and output pins are quite packed and are not friendly for beginners to access with their fingers. Hardware manufacturers can install the chip on a board with features such as:

  • headers to make the pins easier to access, and
  • memory to store your code when power is off.

A board like this is known as a kit. We will be using a kit compatible with Arduino software called the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express for this workshop.

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