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In partnership with IEEE at the University of Houston, Cullen College of Engineering, we founded the UH Makers as a full branch of the organization. We successfully grew from the 2 IEEE members who attended the 2018 ECEDHA Conference, to a branch with 100+ registered members. In addition, we took 10 team and workshop projects to the 2019 ECEDHA Conference this year. We expanded our university involvement to 3 independently organized and many partnered events, 3 workshops run year-long, and worked with multiple universities, departments, organizations, and companies to grow our resources and community. Our founding officer board is very proud of the work we have done and the community we built this year.


Build-a-bot, apr. 19, 2019

Build-A-Bot encouraged students of all levels of engineering backgrounds to gain experience building fun, creative projects in a hackathon environment. Students gathered in teams of 3-4 to compete against each another for the highest score earned during the course of the event. Teams earned points by completing as many suggested project ideas as possible. In addition, they were given the opportunity to showcase their creativity and make original projects for judging. This was accomplished by utilizing a wide array of microcontrollers and sensors provided by our generous sponsors. Upon the completion of a project, teams were judged on the presentation and functionality of their project as well as their ability to market their design to an audience.

This year’s Build-A-Bot was an incredibly successful event with eleven student teams and one young, excited participant of Build-A-Bot Junior who was judged on completion of a multitude of projects using Snap Circuits. We awarded four top teams for their high scores and innovation as well as three individual honorable mentions for their aptitude and enthusiasm in participating in the event.

2019 ECEdha CONFERENCE, mar. 23-26, 2019

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Dean’s Heads Association (ECEDHA) held a conference in Tucson, Arizona where the Deans, students, and educators from various universities came together to discuss advancements in the field of engineering. The conference also had an ECExpo where makerspaces from universities across the country came to showcase all the projects they have accomplished during the year.

The University of Houston Branch brought 10 projects ranging from beginner to expert level projects such as Capture the Hole, Tails, and Knuckles. Our projects reflected the current emerging technologies such as Robotic Operating systems (ROS) and Computer Vision.

We wanted to showcase how we have grown this group from a two-person makerspace to a massive organization with 100+ registered members and how we provide them with a foundation to grow and evolve. This conference was an amazing opportunity for us to see all the companies interested in our innovative ideas and volunteer in partnering with us to conduct some workshops in the next year. We are looking forward to going to this conference in Orlando, Florida next year with projects that will continue to showcase UH Makers innovation and skill!

Makers’ Arcade, Mar. 7, 2019

The IEEE Chili Cook-Off is largest event of the year where Company Representatives, UH Student Organizations and Faculty come by to create a fun relaxed atmosphere for students to interact with.

Our UH Makers brought a Makers’ Arcade where we reprised most of our projects from the Makers’ showcase last semester and gave students and company officials more insight on what the UH Makers have been developing year round. There were many games and projects showcased and everyone who visited the arcade was thrilled in joining and helping our group. We will be making it a tradition on showcasing our projects in future Chili Cook-offs

Makers’ Showcase, nov. 9, 2018

Makers’ Showcase is a family-friendly, carnival-like event that allows students to build games and connect with the greater UH community. The event had food, games, fun, and prizes made from the projects of our makers.

Student organizations and companies will have a chance to interact with students through hands on projects and activities. Our hope was that this event will spark some friendly competition between student organizations encouraging active involvement by their members.

This outreach was a very successful event, with about 200-300 attendees including students, professors, sponsors, collaborators and many more external guests. We had a huge support from the ECE department with the College of Technology, Mouser and Maxim Integrated. We really enjoyed working for this event, and that is why we are planning to bring this back during the spring semester at the Chili Cook-Off.


Spring 2018

IEEE was given the responsibility of the sparking the Makerspace initiative bestowed upon us by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Houston, Cullen College of Engineering. Denny Luong took charge as the first Makerspace Director and worked with companies and organizations to create Build-A-Bot.


bUILD-a-bot, apr. 6, 2018

Build-A-Bot was a robotics workshop and competition that was held by IEEE in partnership with SASE at the University of Houston. The goal for attendees, with little experience, was to build a robot that could detect and follow a line.

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