Go Baby Go Initiative

Our Initiative

Makers wants to help the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) build kid-sized cars for children who can’t afford electric wheelchairs. If you know any families or pediatricians who find our initiative interesting to email Makers at ieeeuhmakers@gmail.com.

We can’t have a Go Baby Go build day if we don’t have families putting in a request for one.

If you find a family interested, please tell them it will be a while before we can start anything official. When we’re ready, we’ll have someone from BMES meet the parents and child to determine whether or not the car would be a safe option to provide, or if the child doesn’t have enough physical/mental function to be able to operate it safely.

About BMES

BMES is the premier biomedical engineering student organization that provides professional connections, mentorship, and volunteering opportunities. BMES also works to provide its members with more understanding for the field of biomedical engineering, interactions with companies, as well as research opportunities.

Learn more about them here: http://www.bme.uh.edu/links/bme

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