Current Projects

More than just a maker.


Our students are encouraged to submit project proposals of their own designs to be funded by the UH ECE Department and featured at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Association (ECEDHA) Conference.  IEEE Makers works with the college and company sponsors to provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities.


IEEE Lounge Security & Pest Detection Camera

We will use computer vision to detect and record any potential snack thieves in our student organization lounge. Based on the recorded footage, we will create a plan of action to prevent snack theft.


A Robotic arm assistant

An assistive robotic arm designed to identify, acquire, and provide an item to an user, with the use of object and voice recognition. Knuckles will use these senses to improve the accuracy of recognition with through training. Furthermore, Knuckles should be able to function autonomously to remap the room and assist at the user’s request.

Smart Security Camera

Package theft has become a massive problem in the Amazon age. We plan to create a smart surveillance system similar to commercially available security camera systems that can detect package deliveries and theft by identifying people and packages and tracking their movement. To make the camera achieve this level of intelligence, we plan to utilize the latest machine learning innovations.


an autonomous mail delivery drone

The artificial intelligence drone team is designing autonomous drone that can optimize flight paths based on the surroundings while simultaneously avoiding collisions. Other features of the drone will include auto-stabilization, a return-to-home function, and a friendly user interface.


Node Leap

Smart Lighting

The smart lighting team is creating a meshed lighting and sound system that allows absolute control over lighting conditions in living spaces. Configured through an android app, you can control individual lights or set them up as a single entity. Will have a variety of compatible devices the flagship of which is the Lightbar.

Capture the Hole

A smart throwing game

Multiplayer derivative of Tic-Tac-Toe that uses an array of lasers and photoresistors to identify which hole has been triggered and which player triggered the hole. The lights around the rings will then change color according to the projectile that passed through. The objective of the game is to light three rings in a row of the same color; however, players can capture holes of opposing players, making the game much more challenging than traditional Tic-Tac-Toe.


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