Officer Board – Old

Erin Nebres, Makers Co-Director

Junior in Computer Engineering at the University of Houston. Tracks all technical and administrative documentation for the Makers. Creates articles to update interested parties on Makers projects and events. Currently the Educational Outreach Chair of IEEE.

Carroll Vance, Makers Co-Director

Carroll is a computer science undergraduate student and data scientist developing computer vision algorithms professionally. As Makers Co-director of IEEE, Carroll plans to create accessible computer vision and machine learning workshops to help equip the next generation of students for challenges of tomorrow. Carroll also guides in the technical development of new and existing projects and organize events like Build-a-Bot.

David Galicia, Technical Officer

David is an electrical engineering student at the University of Houston and a member of IEEE. He has four years of Information Technology (IT) experience and four years of php/node.js web development experience at a Houston-based data center called Quasar Data. During his IT role, he administered web servers and provided award-winning customer service. His developer role is distinguished because he was the company’s first and sole, dedicated programmer. David likes reading about science and technology and seeing artwork.

Alec Medina, Documentation Officer

Alec is an electrical engineering and computer science student at the University of Houston as well as a teaching assistant for ENGI 1331. As documentation officer he tracks all technical and administrative documentation for Makers, maintains the Makers website & LinkedIn page and creates articles to update the community on Makers projects and events.

Dan Biediger, Workshop Coordinator

Dan is a Computer Science PhD Candidate with a background in Mechanical Engineering and a robotics and tech habit.

Mason Mills, Resource Chair

Mason is an Electrical Engineering senior preparing to graduate in December. He works for the electrical engineering department as a teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate students taking classes about circuits, equipment usage, robot building, real time operating system usage/development, and programming micro controllers. As resource chair he is responsible for handling orders for parts needed for our projects and our events.

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