Raspberry Pi / Linux

Want to learn Raspberry Pi, Python and Linux? Join us each Saturday at 10am-1pm in the MD Anderson Library Makerspace to learn everything from basic commands to computer vision!

Computer Vision

We will use a surveillance camera for workshops that teach computer vision techniques, including object detection and tracking, motion detection, and facial recognition. We currently teach computer vision using Raspberry Pi and a Pi Cam.  We will mount a single camera and stream the output to each participant to measure the efficiency of various approaches to the above techniques.

Intro to Microcontrollers – Arduino

Arduino workshops cover the basics of programming, electronics, sensors, and using microcontrollers.

Held every Friday, 10am-2pm in the Makerspace in the MD Anderson Library. Announcements and cancellations are sent through our Discord.

Workshops In Development

TI Controllers

Learn to use the TI MSP430 and MSP432 using a community driven IDE called Energia!


Interested in developing IOT, server and cloud projects? Come check out our NodeJS workshop!


Learn to bake! Explore the multidisciplinary side of UH Makers!

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